Scientific Reports

Scientific Reports

Stock Assessments

  • 2018 MHI Deep 7 Bottomfish Stock Assessment (2018 MHI D7 SA pdf)
  • Towards Fishery-Independent Biomass Estimation for Hawaiian Deep 7 Bottomfish, 2018 (2018 BF IndpendSurvey Rpt pdf)
  • 2014 Draft MHI Deep 7 Bottomfish Stock Assessment (pdf)
  • Stock Assessment Update for the Main Hawaiian Islands Deep7 Bottomfish Complex Through 2013 With Projected Annual Catch Limits Through 2016 (pdf)
  • Stock Assessment of the Main Hawaiian Islands Deep 7 Bottomfish Complex Through 2010 (pdf)
  • Hawaiian Bottomfish Assessment Update for 2008 (pdf)
  • An Investigation of Alternative Production Models to Assess the Hawaiian Bottomfish Complex – 2007 (pdf)
  • Status and Trends of the Hawaiian Bottomfish Stocks: 1948-2004 (pdf)

MHI Bottomfish Research Workshops

  • 2018 Report from Hawaii Bottomfish Commercial Fishery Data Workshops, 2015-2016 (HI BF Wkshp 2015-2016 pdf)
  • 2013 1st Deep Slope Bottomfish Research Coordination Workshop Summary (pdf)

2014 CIE Review of the draft 2014 MHI Deep 7 Bottomfish Stock Assessment

  • Apostolaki Hawaiian Bottomfish Assessment Review Report (pdf)
  • Cadigan Hawaiian Bottomfish Assessment Review Report (pdf)
  • Haist Hawaiian Bottomfish Assessment Review Report (pdf)
  • Neilson Hawaiian Bottomfish Assessment Review Chair Summary (pdf)

2014 Bottomfish Catch Shares Paper – Hospital and Beavers (pdf)

2011 CIE Review

  • Deep7 Stock Assessment Appendices (pdf)
  • Estimation of Bottomfish CPUE using the Delta Method and HDAR Logbooks 1928-2010 (pdf)
  • A Review of Unreported to Reported catch Rations for Bottomfish Resources in the Main Hawaiian Islands (pdf)
  • Investigation of the association between Hawaii deep slope bottomfish CPUE and environmental variables (pdf)
  • Report of the western Pacfic Stock Assessment – Hawaii Deep Slope Bottomfish

2009 Report of the Western Pacific Stock Assessment Review 1 - Hawaii Deep Slope Bottomfish (pdf)

2004 Botttomfish Assessment Workshop

  • Status of the Hawaiian Bottomfish Stocks, 2004 (pdf)
  • Bottomfish Stock Assessment Workshop — Final Panel Report (2004) (pdf)

The Science Behind Overfishing of Bottomfish in the MHI(pdf)