The deep-slope bottomfish fishery in Hawaii concentrates primarily on catching high valued snapper species, a few species of papio and ulua (jacks), and a single species of grouper. The prized Deep 7 bottomfish species include onaga (Etelis coruscans), ehu (E. carbunculus), opakapaka (Pristipomoides filamentosus), kalekale (P. sieboldii), lehi (Aphareus rutilans), gindai (P. zonatus) and hapuupuu (Epinephelus quernus).

Additional species of Hawaii bottomfish that are federally regulated include uku (Aprion virescens), white ulua (Caranx ignobilis), black ulua (C. lugubris), butaguchi (Pseudocaranx dentex), taape (Lutjanus kasmira), yellow tail kalekale (Pristipomoides auricilla) and kahala (Seriola dumerili). These species together are collectively known as the Bottomfish Management Unit Species (BMUS).

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